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Behind the Lens

Half-Swiss, half-Hongkongese, full nomad.

Growing up a third culture kid, an avid traveler, and a passionate student of life, I am beyond blessed to have experienced a myriad of different cultures and communities through many adventures. Travel runs in my veins and pushes me to live life outside of my comfort zone; ever-learning, ever-growing, and forever trying to conquer my fears. I live in gratitude for the beauty and joy found in each and every moment we are blessed with and strive to share this love with others by building bridges between people, culture, and communities.

Photography just happens to be a beautiful means to an end.

Humanitarian Photography - I have had the opportunity to help various non-profit humanitarian organizations document and capture their work and impact. I am passionate about development work and seek to celebrate the dignity, hope, empowerment, and joy that projects bring to the people they work alongside.

Travel Photography | Project 195 - This is a tribute to my dream of visiting every country in the world. Not only to travel to but to authentically experience the essence of the places I go to, discovering what makes them so diverse and yet so alike. 

I am open to work and volunteering opportunities,
so don't hesitate to get in touch! 

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